A Bride for Merlin
The Timeline (the chronology of past events) for the Amber DRPG campaign A Bride for Merlin, run in Atlanta, GA, by Franklin W. Cain.

This campaign takes place quite some time after the end of Zelazny's last Amber story, Hall of Mirrors. Here is a summary of the events following Zelazny's stories.


When Merlin was crowned King, Mandor was appointed First Counselor to the Crown.

Despil became Duke Sawall, the head of House Sawall. (He did not step aside for his younger brother, Jurt, in spite of what Jurt hoped. Jurt was conspicuously absent from the ceremony for Despil's ascension.)

Some time thereafter, Jurt and Julia (aka "Mask") were married. In the several decades since then, their marriage has been a continuing cycle of jealousy, followed by separation and indifference, followed by reunion.

For the past few years, Dara has been jockeying for rulership of House Helgram.

Gilva is now a Commander in the Hell-Maid's Legion.


Just as soon as Corwin and Luke recovered from their shared experience in the Hall of Mirrors, Corwin rode off to the Shadow of his Pattern, where he has spent most of the intervening years.

Shortly after this, Coral (Luke's wife, and the Queen of Kashfa) mysteriously disappeared. When no trace of her could be found by any means, Prime Minister Orkuz of Begma, Coral's father (according to public record), started agitating for war with Kashfa. Random ordered Benedict to "nip this in the bud", so he promptly annexed Eregnor, declared it to be an independent nation, and installed a puppet government.

About a year after her disappearance, Coral re-appeared (just as mysteriously as she had disappeared), with her missing eye fully healed and regenerated, but with no memory of the past year. Dworkin returned the Jewel of Judgement to King Random (sans explanation, of course. . . .).

Just a few weeks later, Dalt staged a coup in Eregnor, and Luke quickly acknowledged Dalt's new rulership. Since Begma followed Luke's lead just the next day (Coral obviously spoke at length with Orkuz), Random was forced to accept this turn of events.

Benedict and Bleys have both fully recovered from their injuries (Benedict's arm, lost during Corwin's chronicles, and Bleys' eye, lost as a result of Luke's assassination attempt, during Merlin's saga).

No one has seen any sign of Caine, Brand, Deirdre, Oberon, Eric, Osric, and Finndo, so all of them are apparently still quite dead.

Shadow (Earth and elsewhere)

On Earth (the Shadow of Corwin's centuries-long exile), it is "the present day".

Jasra still rules the Keep of the Four Worlds.

As previously stated, Corwin has been staying in the universe of his Pattern for the most part. However, he has been seen on occasion in Amber, as well as in Chaos, but in the latter case, he is almost always in the company of his son.