Datajack Implant (Computer)
For a Character with DEX 15, INT 18, and SPD 3
Copyright © 2001 by Franklin W. Cain. All Rights Reserved.

Write-Up of Computer:

Cost      CHAR / Skill / (etc.)
     CHARs    Value                           
15 DEX 15   OCV / DCV: 5 DEX roll: 12-
8 INT 18   # Programs: 4 (6) INT roll: 13- PER roll: 13- (default)
5 SPD 3   Phases: 4, 8, 12
Skills / Talents      Skill Roll
3 Computer Programming (INT roll)
3 Deduction (INT roll)
3 Systems Operation (INT roll)
9 Scholar, Linguist, and Scientist
1 Sci: Mathematics 11-
5 Lng: Host's Native Language [all dialects], literacy
2 KS: "Everything" / General Knowledge (INT roll)
2 Sci: "Everything" / General Science (INT roll)
3 AK: World Geography (INT roll)
3 Absolute Time Sense
3 Lightning Calculator
5 Cramming: (any one Skill) 8-
Powers      END Cost
5 Mind Link with Host, cannot be dispelled/suppressed (+1), always on, no range (n/a)
5 Mind Link with any one datajack interface, has Mind Link (-1) (n/a)
4 INT +10, only for extra programs (-1½) (n/a)
1 Program: Link with Host (dedicated)
1 Program: Link with Datajack Interface
1 Program: Search Database for Subject (i.e., Answer a Question)
1 Program: Operate (Host's) Sensor(s)
2 (Reserved for additional Programs)
90 Total Cost

Character's Purchase:

Datajack Implant (90-pt. Computer), OIF: datajack plug (cannot be removed, but circuitry can be burned out / temporarily destroyed; -½), Side Effects: Host receives a Susceptability Disadvantage (3d6 STUN vs. EMP; uncommon; worth 15 pts.; -¼)

base cost: 18 pts.
active cost: 18 pts.
final cost: 10 pts.

Explanatory Notes:

Implant's CHARs match Host's CHARs

I require that the (base) Characteristics of the Implant match those of its Host. (However, the Implant can have extra INT for increasing the max. number of programs; see below.) Note that if the Host has Lightning Reflexes, so must the Implant, and they must be for the same amount (of bonus DEX).

"Systems Op" Skill and "Run Host's Sensors" Program

This enables the Implant to receive and interpret the sensory data available to its Host, including anything from any cybertech-enhanced senses that the Host may have. These will also enable the Implant to use these senses independently of the Host, should the Host desire this (e.g., if the Host is equipped with High-Range Radio, he could order the Implant to passively monitor the police bands for any message traffic of interest to the Host, and alert him when such message traffic appears).

"General Knowledge / Science" (i.e., the "Everything" Background Skills) and "World Geography"

This reflects a general-purpose, encyclopedic knowledge base.

Note that, in a far future sci-fi setting with interstellar travel, the "World Geography" Area Knowledge would be replaced by the appropriate "[World] Geography" (and "[Regional] Astrography") Area Knowledges.

"INT +10, only for extra programs"

The increase to INT is only for increasing the number of programs that the implant can run simultaneously. It gives no increase to the implant's INT roll or PER roll, nor does it give an increase to any of the implant's INT-based Skills.