The Circle of Nethozhen The Circle of Nethozhen
A group of characters for CastleWorld by Franklin W. Cain.
All original work herein is Copyright © 2000 Franklin W. Cain.   (However, please be sure to read my legal disclaimer.

General Information

The Circle of Nethozhen is a cabal of sorcerors, magi, and wizards, both living and undead (e.g., liches), formed for the purpose of furthering the world-conquering plans of Nethozhen.


The Circle was, appropriately enough, formed by, and is dominated by, the master sorceror Nethozhen. His "inner council" consists of the twin undead archmagi, Brandwynn and Althon, the undead sorceress, Xondra the Red, and the Goblin-Mage, Kjuppa.

Not specifically enumerated in the membership, yet still part of the Circle, are the numerous apprentice sorcerors, magi, and wizards, who are available for use as generic minions (i.e., gophers / go-fers) to any full-fledged member of the Circle. (See below for details.)

Member Species Status
Nethozhen Human Alive
Brandwynn Human (Lich) Undead
Althon Human (Lich) Undead
Xondra the Red Human (Lich) Undead
Kjuppa Goblin Alive
Cjereg Human Alive
Tomias Greylynx Human (Spectre) Undead



A Lego minifig for one of these Apprentices can be made using a Darth Maul torso (replace the hands with yellow hands), plain/generic black legs, a black Jedi/Sith hood/cowl, and a trans-red wand.

You may use almost any "male" [1] "human" [2,3] head you wish. The three Apprentices I've already constructed and will be using for the most part were made using one of the heads listed below. So, if you'll be showing more than one Apprentice, please try to use one of these.

[1]. By dictate of the inner council of the Circle, all female Apprentices are assigned exclusively to Xondra the Red.

[2]. Please don't use any "Skulls" (Skeleton heads) or Gasgano heads, as I've been using these for Liches (Undead Wizards), and they wouldn't tolerate being mis-labelled an apprentice. ("What did you call me? 'Apprentice'? 'APPRENTICE'?!? I've been a mage longer than you've been alive, you worthless...!" -- remainder of quoted rant, not to mention the resulting scenes of extreme violence and destruction, were snipped because this document might fall into the hands of impressionable youngsters...)

[3]. If you want to use Stingray heads (for Apprentice Goblin Wizards), please remember that my Goblins are shorter than regular minifigs, so you ought to use a 45-degree 2×2 slope brick (or a 1×2 "log" brick! -- I forget who came up with this cool idea) in place of the regular minifig legs.