Tomias Greylynx
Thief of Shadows
A character for CastleWorld by Franklin W. Cain.
All original work herein is Copyright © 2000 Franklin W. Cain.
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Basic Information

The name "Tomias" is pronounced "toe-MY-ahs".

In life, Tomias was an excellent burglar and thief. He was also a very competent swordsman, but an absolute master with a dagger or knife.

Now that he is a Spectre, he can become immaterial at will, and can thus breach even the most secure of locations.

Personality and Mannerisms

Tomias was cocky and self-assured, and always had a ready quip or comeback on his tongue. He had little respect for the hereditary nobility and other figures of established authority, reserving his respect for those who had earned it. He made friends grudgingly, but those friends he did have, he treasured.

Tomias could refuse a dare or challenge only with great difficulty. If confronted with a risk of almost certain death, Tomias would reluctantly abandon this challenge for now, but would be obsessed with finding a way to counter the risk and defeat the challenge at some future date. For example, when a priceless gem was rumored to be guarded by demons, he stole a blessed altar-cloth from a High Temple, and wrapped the gem in this, preventing the gem from summoning its guardian demons. When a jewelled idol was surrounded by statues of gigantic warriors who would be animated whenever the idol was touched and attack whomever was touching the idol, Tomias spent weeks digging a narrow tunnel into the vault, such that, when the statues came to life to kill him, they were unable to follow him into the barely-man-sized tunnel.

After a successful heist, Tomias always squirrelled away a portion of his illegally gotten money, for a rainy day, and would live the life of luxury for as long as his funds lasted.

Appearance (i.e., Construction)

(When he was alive...)

A Lego minifig for Tomias as he was when he was alive can be constructed using a dark-grey Ninja torso, replacing the arms with black arms, black legs with dark-grey hips/pelvis, a black fabric cloak, a Han Solo head, and a brown hairpiece.

He frequently carried an enchanted silver dagger.

(Now that he's dead...)

A Lego minifig for Tomias as a fully materialized Spectre can be constructed just as above, but with a Darth Vader head and a black hairpiece, and replacing the yellow hands with dark-grey hands.

A Lego minifig for Tomias as a partially materialized Spectre can be constructed just as with the fully materialized Spectre (above), but replacing the legs with a grey or dark-grey 1×2 plate, a grey, trans-grey, or clear (trans-white) 1×1 "peg", and a 2×2 radar dish, just as I've done for my other Spectres.

He frequently carries an enchanted silver dagger, and he can summon a shadow-blade at need.


Tomias was a thief-mage, a rogue who had studied just enough magics to assist him in his larcenous endeavours.

When he was recruited by Nethozhen, he thought that his purposes was to be that of Nethozhen's official burglar. And, as it turned out, that's almost exactly what Nethozhen had in mind.

Almost exactly. . . .

At the first formal meeting of Nethozhen's Circle, Nethozhen introduced everyone except Tomias. After Nethozhen was apparently finished with these introductions, Tomias asked him about this apparent oversight. Nethozhen then introduced Tomias, and then explained that Tomias' true purpose there was to be an example of Nethozhen's ruthlessness and dedication to purpose.

He calmly stated that Tomias was there to be slain by Nethozhen, to demonstrate to the others that they would continue existing only so long as they served Nethozhen's purposes. He finished by saying that, to demonstrate his utter invincibility, he would allow Tomias to strike first.

After this, no one spoke for several seconds. Tomias tried to laugh, saying that this was not one of the better jokes he'd ever heard. Silence was his only response.

As the silence only lengthened, Tomias realized the Nethozhen was serious, . . . deathly serious. And so, in a desperate attempt to escape alive, Tomias tried casting his most powerful spell, whereupon Nethozhen effortlessly slew him with an almost casual, negligent toss of a spell.

However, Tomias' story didn't end there, for Nethozhen was a practitioner of Necromancy before all other magics, and he summoned Tomias' spirit back from the realm of the dead, and bound it to his service.

And now, Tomias is still a thief, but he is now an undead thief, able to go wherever there is darkness or shadows, to come and go unseen by mortal eyes, perfoming whatever acts of thievery or assassination that his dread master Nethozhen bids him do.


Can you guess which character from a classic series of heroic fantasy inspired me to create the character Tomias?

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