A Throne War
Hosted by Franklin W. Cain
( fwcain@yahoo.com | https://members.tripod.com/fcain )

This scenario is set in the distant future of Amber, when virtually every character mentioned in Zelazny's fiction has died of old age or misadventure. Martin, the ancient King, is on his deathbed. You, the characters, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Elders, have assembled in Amber to pay your respects to the dying King, and to seize your birthrights by whatever means necessary.

Each character has 500 points (yes, I said five hundred points). However, as everyone is supposedly a scion of Amber, each and every character must spend at least 50 of those points on Pattern. In addition to the usual auctioning of Attributes, I will also be auctioning the Advanced Powers (Adv. Pattern, Adv. Logrus, Adv. Trump, Adv. Shape Shifting, Adv. Sorcery, and Adv. Conjuration; see the special rules for more details).

In addition to establishing the structure of Ranks for Attributes and Powers, the Auction also has several other "goodies" specific to this scenario. As this is a throne war, several Positions of Authority are up for grabs, as are some Items of Power. To simulate the influence that the character's attributes and powers would have on his suitability for these Positions and Items, these bids will be weighted (based on the player's Initial Bids for his character's attributes and powers; see the special rules for more details).

No selling down of any Attributes. Psyche and Endurance must both be Amber Rank or better for Pattern, and Strength and Warfare are absolutely essential in a Throne War.

And while I'm on the subject, no "Bad Stuff". In fact, "No Stuff" will be treated as if it were "Bad Stuff". "Good Stuff" will be auctioned and Ranked.

The Positions of Authority to be auctioned are:

The Items of Power to be auctioned are:

Here are the various forms and worksheets for this scenario: