Baron Laan of House Jesby
His Excellency, Laan Jesby of House Jesby, Baron Axsum
A non-player character (NPC) for the Amber DRPG campaign A Bride for Merlin, run in Atlanta, GA, by Franklin W. Cain.

Laan Jesby (pronounced "LA~AHN") was the youngest brother of the late Duke of Jesby, Tmer. As such, Laan is an uncle to the new Lord of Jesby, Flark. Laan is also a Baron in his own right, specifically of the Black Zone Kingdom of Axsum.

Baron Laan is an Elder of House Jesby, and has been so for many years. He has taken it upon himself to act in Flark's best interests (and defends him against the plots of Charyss and Feng).

Baron Laan is a robust, vigorous man of maturity, a veteran of many campaigns (both militant and political). He is also an adept of the Logrus and of Magic.

In his usual human form, Laan is a handsome, broad-shouldered man of moderate height, and well-muscled. He is clean-shaven, with platinum streaks (at his temples) in his black, neck-length hair.

Baron Laan Axsum of House Jesby
Artwork by Franklin W. Cain using HeroMachine.
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Baron Laan in his usual demon form.
Artwork by Franklin W. Cain using HeroMachine.
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     His preferred demon form is the same shape and size (moderate height, broad shoulders, well-muscled), but with dark, reddish-bronze scales and a luxuriant silver mane, and his talons and fang-like teeth are razor sharp and glossy black.

In either form, his preferred colors are black and bronze.

As with many Lords of Chaos, Baron Laan is highly cultured and well-mannered, able to move in most social circles with ease.