Flark, Duke Jesby
Artwork by Jäger Hein.
Flark, Duke Jesby
A character played by Tom deMayo in the campaign A Bride for Merlin.






Flark was the eldest son of Tmer Jesby, by Tmer's first wife, R'Soong Amblerash.

Tmer had three children by his first marriage:

  1. the afore-mentioned Flark;
  2. a daughter, Anakara (who has been married off to Kalto Minobee); and
  3. another son, W'Zaal.

After the death of his first wife, Tmer remarried, to Charyss Helgram, and they had four children:

  1. a son, Lorek;
  2. a daughter, Shantrel (who is married to Grendel Barimen);
  3. another daughter, Vanara (who is married to Balthazar Sawall); and
  4. another son, Feng.

Tmer had a younger brother, Laan (pronounced "LA~AHN"), the Baron of Axsum. Baron Laan is an Elder of House Jesby, and has taken it upon himself to act in Flark's best interests (and defends him against the plots of Charyss and Feng).

Diary Entries:

Flark would NEVER let down his guard and commit his thoughts to writing... Never!

However, if he did, those writings might read something like these...

  1. 23 November 2001
  2. 21 December 2001
  3. 18 January 2002
  4. 13 March 2002
(This is Out-of-Character [OOC] information, and might not necessarily be known to your character.)

Relatives and Acquaintances:

W'Zaal (pronounced "w-ZA~ALL") is dead! He (and his grandfather on the Amblerash side of the family) was gunned down just two days after Lorek was murdered.

W'Zaal was caught between, on the one hand, his elder brother, Flark, who was favored by the majority of the house Elders to be the next Duke, and his younger step-brothers (and his step-mother) on the other, who (obviously... ;-) didn't hesitate to kill him to remove him from the line of succession.

Charyss Jesby nee Helgram (pronounced "CHAR-riss") is dead! She was assassinated in the flurry of assassinations, murders, and duels that prompted King Merlin to place the entire Nobility of Chaos under the Black Watch.

She was extremely well-connected (for a sorceress), and used her Court connections to delay Flark's inheritence (to continue her regency as the Dowager Duchess). Soon after Flark's elevation to the Ducal Seat, she was deposed as the Ducal Regent, and was removed as an Elder of House Jesby.

She was a distant cousin of Princess Dara, and Dara was one of her stronger supporters.

Lorek (pronounced "LOR-rekk") is dead! He was assassinated by a sniper just days after Flark became the Duke.

Lorek liked a good old-fashioned brawl. But, don't ever make the mistake of thinking he was a dumb bruiser. He was fully fluent in sorcery, and knew hundreds of spells capable of inflicting death. However, he had not yet assayed the Logrus. (Baron Laan used this fact to disparage Lorek, and thus weaken Charyss' political position, by claiming "one who would be a Duke of Chaos must first be a true Lord of Chaos".)

Shantrel (pronounced "shan-TREL") is married to Grendel Barimen.

Vanara (pronounced "vah-NAH-rah") is married to Balthazar Sawall.

   Feng Jesby Artwork by Franklin W. Cain using HeroMachine.
Feng (pronounced "FENG") is the apple of his mother's eye. Together, he and his mother were planning for Lorek became the next Duke, and that they would be there to pull the strings.

Now that Lorek and Charyss are dead, Feng's new plans are not yet known for certain (but it can be assumed that he has not given up on somehow siezing power for himself...).

Flark has appointed Feng to the Barony of KH!, one of the Ducal Holdings in the Iron Wastes.

Flark's old nanny, "Nana" Skuurg (pronounced "SKU~URG"), has been in the service of House Jesby for generations (she was Tmer's nanny as well). For many years now, she has been serving in House Minobee as the nanny for the children of Flark's sister, Anakara.

Tlon (pronounced "t-LONN") is a captain in House Jesby's Household Guards. He was one of the officers in charge of defending and securing Flark's childhood residence in the Black Zone shadow kingdom Axsum. Tlon seems to be genuinely fond of Flark ordinarily, but he doesn't hesitate to correct Flark (privately) as harshly as if Flark were one of the Guardsmen assigned to Tlon.

Tela (pronounced "TELL-lah") is a professional bodyguard hired by Baron Laan to accompany and protect Flark (from mostly physical attacks) at all times.

Kor (pronounced "KORR") is a black, shadowy, amorphous, shapeless thing recently hired by Baron Laan to accompany and protect Flark (from non-physical -- i.e., magical -- attacks) at all times.

Jarek (pronounced "JAR-rek") and Flark were childhood friends when Flark was growing up in the Black Zone kingdom of Axsum. Jarek was a ward of the noble who was hosting Flark. Through the intervening years, Jarek and Flark have managed to stay in touch and remain friends. (And now that Jarek is a professional freelance assassin and spy [at least, Flark thinks he is], Flark may add a more professional side to their relationship.)

Andreas Chanicut was a classmate of both Flark and Shandor at the fencing academy run by the swordmaster Zerphon Finndoson of House Hendrake. Recently, Andreas invited both Flark and Shandor to his bachelor's party, during which, Flark was challenged to a duel by Raga Tvareins of House Hendrake.