Shandor Sawall Shandor Vrell-Sawall of House Sawall
A character played by Jäger Hein in the campaign A Bride for Merlin.



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Shandor Sawall Background:

Shandor is a minor noble of House Sawall. Shandor was the second child born to Damos Vrell and Xerra Sawall. Shandor had (has?) an elder brother, Cjereg, and a (much) younger sister, Alana.

Diary Entries:

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  1. 9 June 2001
  2. 23 July 2001
  3. 27 October 2001
  4. 15 November 2001
  5. 22 December 2001
  6. 29 December 2001
  7. 5 January 2002
  8. 2 February 2002

Relatives and Acquaintances:

Damos Vrell (pronounced "DAY-moes · VRELL"), Shandor's father, was the youngest son of Damien Vrell and Alana Helgram-Vrell (the Baron and Baroness of Vrell).

Xerra Sawall (pronounced "ZAIR-ah"), Shandor's mother, was a younger cousin of Gramble (the late Duke). Thus, Shandor is a second cousin of of Mandor, Despil, and Jurt (as well as of Merlin).

Shandor's parents are dead. They died in an accident many years ago, when Alana was very young.

Cjereg Vrell-Sawall (pronounced "CHYAIR-reg"), Shandor's elder brother, was an Adept of the Logrus and of Magic.

He disappeared from the Courts without a trace well over a century ago (when Shandor was very young), and hasn't been heard from since. Several attempts (arcane and otherwise) had been made to locate him, but all to no avail.

Alana Sawall (pronounced "ah-LAN-nah"), Shandor's sister, was very young when their parents died. Since Shandor had already walked the Logrus, and was therefore recognized as a true Lord of Chaos, he took it upon himself to act as Alana'a guardian as well as her brother. As a result, Alana and Shandor are very close.

Alana is studying arcanology (the science of Magic) at the Royal Academy of Sciences; one of her professors is Anakara Minobee (nee Jesby).

Alana had been selected as one of the candidates for the honor of becoming Merlin's bride.

Shandor, Flark, and Andreas were classmates at the fencing academy run by the swordmaster Zerphon Finndoson of House Hendrake. Recently, Andreas invited both Flark and Shandor to his bachelor's party, during which, Flark was challenged to a duel by Raga Tvareins of House Hendrake.

Misc. Notes:

This guy is holding a vajra According to Jäger (the player), a vajra is an exotic weapon, sort of like an axe-mace, that is native to the Indian sub-continent. Here is the picture that Jäger sent me.