Andreas Chanicut
A non-player character (NPC) for the Amber DRPG campaign A Bride for Merlin, run in Atlanta, GA, by Franklin W. Cain.

Andreas Chanicut is a handsome and dashing young Chaosian nobleman in House Chanicut. (He is currently an Elder of House Chanicut.)

In his preferred human form, he is of moderate height and build, lean and graceful, with brown, neck-length hair, and an almost-constant grin of mischief, framed by a beard and moustache, and whose mischief is reflected in his sparkling, yet seductive brown eyes.

His preferred demon form is that of a panther-man with a sleek, reddish-coppery pelt.

In either form, his preferred colors are brown, red, and copper.

Several years ago, Andreas was a classmate of both Flark and Shandor, at the fencing academy run by the swordmaster Zerphon Finndoson (of House Hendrake). Since then, they have all three maintained their friendship.

Andreas Chanicut, Lord of Chaos
Artwork by Franklin W. Cain using HeroMachine.
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Earlier in the campaign, Andreas invited both Flark and Shandor to his bachelor's party. During this party, Flark was challenged to a duel by the "professional duelist" (i.e., semi-legal assassin) Raga Tvareins (of House Hendrake). Shandor served as Flark's second at the duel, during which Flark and Raga both managed to inflict serious, grievous, not-quite-fatal wounds upon each other.

Andreas' wife, Marina, is formerly of House Minobee.