Cjereg Vrell-Sawall Cjereg
A character for CastleWorld by Franklin W. Cain.
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Basic Information

The name "Cjereg" is pronounced "CHYAIR-reg".

Cjereg is a sorceror of tremendous power, perhaps even as powerful as Nethozhen.

Personality and Mannerisms


Appearance (i.e., Construction)

A Lego minifig for Cjereg can be constructed using a Darth Maul torso (but with yellow hands), a Shogun head, a black fabric cloak from one of the Star Wars sets, black legs, and a black Witch/Wizard hat.

He usually carries a wizard's staff. This specific staff can be constructed using a black umbrella pole (available in the glider set from the Adventurer's Dinosaur theme), a chrome Light Sabre Hilt, and a Trans-Blue 1×1 cone.


No one knows from where Cjereg came. He simply arrived one day, seemingly from nowhere (just as with Nethozhen).

It is apparent that Cjereg and Nethozhen have known each other for quite some time. It is suggested that since both appeared without any visible origin, and since they've obvious known each other for a very long time, that perhaps they come from the same mysterious place.

Cjereg is a member of the Circle of Nethozhen, but it is rumored that he is less than pleased with his junior standing within the Circle. (It is said that he is not a member of Nethozhen's "Inner Circle".)