A Bride for Merlin
(Virtually All) NPCs
This document covers the "extra" non-player characters (i.e., those NPCs not detailed individually, and not detailed in the write-up for one of the player characters) for the Amber DRPG campaign A Bride for Merlin, run in Atlanta, GA, by Franklin W. Cain.

Arioch, the former Duke Helgram, had outlived two wives and several children (and a few grandchildren), only to be incapacitated as a result of the PatternFall War. Since then, the two main contenders for the rulership of House Helgram were Princess Dara and Lord Jendo (a nephew of Arioch's).

Bances Amblerash is the High Priest of the Serpent.

"bachelor Dukes"

As a result of the PatternFall War and/or the succession to the Throne (following Swayvill's final illness), there have been several new eligible Dukes. Specifically, we have Despil, Duke Sawall, Saavish, Duke Chanicut, Vanth, Duke Hendrake, and Flark, Duke Jesby. Now, we also have Hastur, Duke Barimen, and Jendo, Duke Helgram.

(That's six of the eight Duchies of Chaos, six of the eight Great Houses of Chaos. So, even after Merlin is married off to someone, we still have to find six more brides, eventually.)

Belissa Minobee of House Hendrake is the Dowager Duchess of Hendrake.

Chola Finndoson of House Hendrake is a nephew of Zerphon Finndoson. He is also a friend of Raga Tvariens.

Cortez is the Captain-General commanding the Royal Guards at the Royal Ways at Thelbane.

Dara, the Dowager Princess of Chaos, is the mother of King Merlin, Despil, Duke Sawall, and Jurt Sawall.

Despil, Duke Sawall, has proven to be a far more effective ruler than many expected (including both his mother and his eldest brother).

Despil is one of the so-called "bachelor Dukes".

Galina, Duchess Barimen, had been ruling House Barimen ever since her husband, Duke Istvan, was incapacitated after the PatternFall War.

Gilva Hendrake is a Knight Commander of the Hell-Maids' Legion.

There is a large contingent of Chaosian nobles who favor her as the future wife of King Merlin.

Hastur, Duke Barimen, now rules House Barimen.

Hastur is one of the so-called "bachelor Dukes".

Istvan, the former Duke Barimen, has been incapacitated since the PatternFall War. His wife, Duchess Galina, was ruling House Barimen ever since then.

Jendo, Duke Helgram, is a nephew of Lord Arioch (the former Duke of Helgram).

Jendo is one of the so-called "bachelor Dukes".

Julia Barnes-Sawall is married to Jurt Sawall.

Jurt Sawall is married to Julia Barnes (aka the Shadow sorceror "Mask").

Kalten Hendrake is a Knight Commander General and is the Knights' Marshal (military commander-in-chief) of all the Hosts of Chaos.

Lord Kalten is a widower. His son and two of his three daughters were killed during the PatternFall War.

Mandor, Counselor to the King, also serves and advises his other brother, Duke Despil.

Maximilian is the Royal Chamberlain in service to King Merlin at the Royal Ways of Thelbane.

Merlin, King of the Courts of Chaos, is the son of Prince Corwin of Amber, and Princess Dara of Chaos.

Raga Tvariens of House Hendrake is a "professional duelist", which is a polite way of saying that he's a legal assassin. (He challenges people to duels, and he "accidentally" kills them when they duel.)

Just recently, he challenged Flark, Lord Jesby to a duel "to the yield". He chose another friend of his, Chola Finndoson, to be his second. (Shandor Sawall served as Flark's second.)

When Flark and Raga fought their duel, they both seriously wounded each other.

Saavish, Duke Chanicut, has been the Duke of House Chanicut since the death of his father, Duke Tubble.

Saavish is one of the so-called "bachelor Dukes".

Samarynth Chanicut is the Master of the Guild of Bureaucrats. (The proper term for the person in charge of the Guild is "Master", regardless of the fact that, technically, Samarynth is specifically a Lady of Chaos, and not just a Lord. And one hopes it need not be said that the term "Mistress" would be in poor taste.)

Suhuy is the Keeper of the Logrus.

Trell Osricson of House Amblerash is the Master of the Guild of Acolytes.

Vanth, Duke Hendrake, has just recently taken the reins of command from his mother, the Dowager Duchess of Hendrake, Belissa Minobee.

Vanth is one of the so-called "bachelor Dukes".

Vnu Elricson-Melnibone, Baron Melnibone, of House Helgram, is the Master of the Sorcerors' Guild.

Wei Tchun of House Sawall is the Master of the Guild of Shadow Masters.

Zerphon Finndoson of House Hendrake is an uncle of Chola Finndoson. He was also the swordmaster at the fencing academy attended by Flark, Lord Jesby, Shandor Sawall, and Andreas Chanicut.