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Last Updated: 11 September 2001

General Stuff

I have a "want" list as well as a trade list. Please feel free to contact me!

Here is my auto-biographical Lego Geek Code:

PI[pi+++++ so,ig++++ ia++/--c is+/--c]++++(6285)  CA[bf++++ df+++c fm+++ wp++c cl,cr,bk++ nj-/+c fk---c kk++/---]++++(6086)  SW++++(7140)c  AD[eg++c]+++  TC++  MT+  SP--/+  TO[lc,sp++ tc,tt--c jr---]@  WW@/+  UN-c  #++++  P++++  LS+++  S+++  LM++  VLrd  A--/++  H!?  M+  YB64(IC7)m

Franklin as a Lego Star Wars Minifig Stuff I've Built/Designed

I've posted some instructions on building some common barnyard animals.

I've created Lego versions of dwarves and various other creatures of myth and legend.

I've also created Lego versions of some creatures usually encountered as wizards' familiars (and/or spell victims).

I've posted some instructions for various items, including my own version of a wizard's staff.

I've also posted some ways to (re)create certain special effects.

Franklin as a Lego Castle Minifig Other Stuff

I've done some stuff for CastleWorld.

I've also got some stuff in the Gallery at Kevin Loch's BrickShelf.

Visit LUGNet, the online community for Lego fans worldwide.

If you're feeling adventuresome (and have a high tolerance for frustration), visit the official web site for the Lego Company.

If you've got more Lego stuff than you know what to do with, then GIVE 'EM TO ME! trade 'em away to a worthy cause.

Wierd Stuff

Can you answer this trivia question?

Fnord. There are no such things as "men in black" (MIBs), and the Illuminati do not really exist. Ftagn.