Master List of Careers
Supplemental "House Rules"

"Good Ol’ Boy" Rule:

This applies only to characters with SOC 8+.

Enlisted Promotions:

This rule applies only to those careers having an extended rank structure for enlisted (i.e., ranks up to E9+; usually, military careers). An enlisted character in such a career receives an additional promotion (i.e., two promotions total) if his promotion roll succeeds by four or more points. This extra promotion gives an extra skill level (this plus the other extra skill roll from the first promotion gives the character a total of two extra skill levels due to promotions this term).

Senior Promotions:

If the character is Rank-6 or higher (whether E6, O6, or R6), apply a penalty of DM -2 to the promotions roll.

High Skill Levels:

During career resolution, once a skill is level-4 or above, any further levels added to that skill are halved. At the end of career resolution, any remaining fractions are lost.

Increases to Social Standing:

During career resolution, once a character's SOC is 11+, any further increases (due to commissioned promotion, for example) are not automatic. Instead, the player must roll 3D6 and get a result greater than or equal to the (pending) new value for his character's SOC. Otherwise, the increase is lost.

Minimun Tech Level for Ship DMs:

The character’s Homeworld must have a Tech Level of Early Stellar+ for the character to receive ship DMs. Otherwise, award the character Cr 10,000 per DM instead.