HERO System (5th ed.)
Franklin's List of Background Skills ("E" through "G")
All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 16 October 2006)


Early Seacraft, aka Common Pre-Industrial Seacraft (Group of Transport Familiarities)

Ecology (see below)

Economics (Knowledge)

Egyptology (Knowledge)

Electrical Engineering (Science)

Elephant (Transport Familiarity)

Endocrinology (Science; see Specialized Field of Medicine)

Energy Cannon (Weapon Familiarity)

Energy Weapons (see elsewhere)

Engineering (Science)

Engraving/Etching (Profession) [DEX]

Environment Suit (Professional Skill; see Vac Suit) [DEX]

Environmental Systems (Science; see Life Support Systems)

EOD (Profession; see Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

Epidemiology (Science)

Equine (Transport Familiarity; see Horse/Equine)

Ergonomics, aka Human Engineering (Science)

Escrima Stick (Weapon Familiarity; see Club)

Esperanto (Language)

Etching (Profession; see Engraving/Etching)

EVA Suit (Professional Skill; see Vac Suit) [DEX]

Excavation (Knowledge; see Mining)

Exobiology (Science; see Xenobiology)

Exoskeleton (Transport Familiarity; see Walker)

Explosive Ordnance Disposal, aka EOD (Profession)

Extraterrestrials (see Aliens)


Falconry (Profession)

Farmer (Profession)

Fighting Styles (Knowledge)

Firearms (see below)

First Aid (see Paramedic)

Fist-Load (Weapon Familiarity)

Flamethrower (Weapon Familiarity)

Flail (Weapon Familiarity)

Fletcher (Profession; see Bowyer/Fletcher)

Flight/Comm Protocols (Knowledge)

Flying Battlesuit (Transport Familiarity; see Jetpack/Flying Battlesuit)

Flying Carpet (Transport Familiarity)

[Flying Mount] (Transport Familiarity)

Football, aka American Football (Profession)

Force Field Physics (Science)

Forensics (Science)

Free Fall (Professional Skill; see Zero-G Operations)


Games (see below)

Gardening (Profession)

Garrote (Weapon Familiarity)

Gemcutter (Profession; see Jeweller/Gemcutter)

General Knowledge (Knowledge)

General Science (Science)

Genetic Engineering (Profession)

Genetics (Science)

Geochemistry (Science)

Geography (Area Knowledge)

Geology (Science)

Geophysics (Science; see Seismology)

Gerontology (Science)

Gestures (Language; see Hand Gestures/Signals)

Glassblowing (Professional Skill) [DEX]

Glazier (Profession)

Glider/Light Plane (Transport Familiarity)

Grav-Car (Transport Familiarity; see Antigrav)

Grav-Tank (Transport Familiarity; see Antigrav)

Gravitics (Science)

Great Axe (Weapon Familiarity; see Axe/Mace/Pick)

Greatsword (Weapon Familiarity; see Sword/Knife)

Grenade (Weapon Familiarity; see Thrown Rock/Ball/Grenade)

Grenade Launcher/Mortar (Weapon Familiarity)

Groundcar (Transport Familiarity; see Car)

Guard (Profession; see below)

Guns (see Firearms)

Gunsmith, aka Armoury (Professional Skill)

All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 16 October 2006)