HERO System (5th ed.)
Franklin's List of Background Skills ("H" through "L")
All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 16 October 2006)


Hairdresser (Profession)

Hammer (Weapon Familiarity; see Axe/Mace/Pick)

[Hand Gestures/Signals] (Language)

Harpoon (Weapon Familiarity; see Javelin/Thrown Spear)

Heavy Lander (Transport Familiarity)

Heavy Machinegun (Weapon Familiarity; see HMG)

Heavy Motorship (Transport Familiarity)

Heavy Plane (Transport Familiarity)

Heavy Sailing Vessel (Transport Familiarity)

Heavy Truck (Transport Familiarity; see Bus/Heavy Truck)

Heavy Weapons (Group of Weapon Familiarities; see Common Heavy Weapons)

Helicopter (Transport Familiarity)

Help Desk (Profession)

Heraldry (Knowledge)

Herbalism (Knowledge)

High-Energy Optics (Science; see Optical Physics)

High-Performance Motorship (Transport Familiarity)

High-Performance Plane (Transport Familiarity)

High-Performance Spacecraft (Transport Familiarity)

History (Knowledge)

HMG, aka Heavy Machinegun (Weapon Familiarity)

[Hobby] (Profession) [varies]

Hoist (Profession; see Lifting) [DEX]

Home Improvement/Repair (Profession)

Horse/Equine (Transport Familiarity)

Hostile Environment Suit (Professional Skill; see Vac Suit) [DEX]

Hot-Air Balloon (Transport Familiarity; see Balloon)

Housekeeper (Profession)

Hovercraft (Transport Familiarity)

Howitzer (Weapon Familiarity; see Cannon/Howitzer)

Human Engineering (Science; see Ergonomics)

HVAC (Profession)

Hydroponics (Science)

Hyperdimensional Engineering (Profession; see Transdimensional Engineering)

Hyperdimensional Magics (Science; see Transdimensional Magics)

Hyperdimensional Navigation (Profession; see Transdimensional Navigation)

Hyperdimensional Physics (Science; see Transdimensional Physics)

Hyperspace Engineering (Profession)

Hyperspace Navigation (Profession)

Hyperspace Physics (Science)


Immunology, aka Bacteriology/Virology (Science)

Impromptu Weapon (Weapon Familiarity)

Industrial Engineering (Science)

Inorganic Chemistry (Science)

Instructor, aka Teacher (Profession) [PRE]

Internet Research (Knowledge; see Library/Internet Research)

Interplanetary Navigation (Profession; see Astrogation)

Interstellar Navigation (see below)


Janitor (Profession)

Javelin/Thrown Spear (Weapon Familiarity)

Jetpack/Flying Battlesuit (Transport Familiarity)

Jeweller/Gemcutter (Profession)

Jo, aka Jo Stick (Weapon Familiarity; see Club)

Journalism (Profession) [PRE]

Juggling (Profession) [DEX]


Kama (Weapon Familiarity)

Karate Weapons

Kitchen Sink (see below)

Knife (Weapon Familiarity; see Sword/Knife)

Knitting, aka Crocheting (Profession) [DEX]

Known Superbeings and Their Powers (Knowledge)


Lab Procedures (Profession)

Lady-in-Waiting (Profession; see Maid)

Lance (Weapon Familiarity)

Lander (Transport Familiarity)

Lariat (Weapon Familiarity; see Lasso/Lariat)

Lasers (see below)

Lasso/Lariat (Weapon Familiarity)

Law (Knowledge)

Leadership (Professional Skill) [PRE]

Legends and Lore (Knowledge; see Myths and Legends)

Librarian (Profession)

Library Research, aka Library/Internet Research (Knowledge)

Life Support Systems, aka Environmental Systems (Science)

Lifting (Profession) [DEX]

Light Plane (Transport Familiarity; see Glider/Light Plane)

Linguistics, aka Philology (Science)

Lipreading (Professional Skill)

Literature (Knowledge)

Logistics (Knowledge)

All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 16 October 2006)