HERO System (5th ed.)
Franklin's List of Background Skills ("M" through "N")
All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 27 January 2007)


Maces (see below)

Machinist (Profession) [DEX]

Magical Theory, aka Thaumatology (Science)

Maid, aka Lady-in-Waiting (Profession)

Manager (see below)


Marbles/Caltrops (Weapon Familiarity)

Marine Biology (Science)

[Martial Art Style] (Weapon Familiarity)

Martial Arts Weapons (Group of Weapon Familiarities; see Common Oriental Melee Weapons)

Martial Arts World (Culture Knowledge; see Martial Arts Sub-Culture)

Mathematics (Science)

Maul (Weapon Familiarity; see Axe/Mace/Pick)

Mecha (see below)

Mechanical Engineering (Science)

Medical Technician (Profession)

Medicine (Science)

[Specialized Field of Medicine] (Science)

    This is for any of the numerous specializations in the field of medicine, such as Immunology, Cardiology, Neurology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Gerontology, Pathology, Endocrinology, (etc.). As such, this Science requires that the character have first acquired the Science Medicine, and the skill roll with this Science cannot exceed the skill roll in Medicine by more than six points (e.g., a character with a mere Familiarity with Medicine cannot have a skill roll in Cardiology better than "14-").

[Alien] Medicine (Science)

    This specialized field of medicine focuses on the life sciences for the lifeforms native to a particular world (other than one's own; that other is always considered to be "generic" Medicine); e.g.: Ewok Medicine, Klingon Medicine, Narn Medicine, etc. (as opposed to the truly general overview granted by Xenomedicine). This Science may be used as a Complementary Skilll in the appropriate circumstances.

Meditation (see below)

Melee Weapons (Group of Weapon Familiarities; see Common Melee Weapons)

Mercenary (see below)

Mercenary/Terrorist World (Culture Knowledge; see Mercenary/Terrorist Sub-Culture)

Messenger Birds (Profession; see Pigeons/Messenger Birds)

Metallurgy (Science)

Meteorology (Science)

Microbiology (Science)

Military History (Knowledge)

Military World (Culture Knowledge; see Military Sub-Culture)

Mining/Excavation (Knowledge)

Missile Launcher (Weapon Familiarity)

Missile Weapons (Group of Weapon Familiarities; see Common Missile Weapons)

Molecular Biology (Science)

Molecular Engineering (Science; see Nanotechnology)

Morse Code (Literacy)

Mortar (Weapon Familiarity; see Grenade Launcher/Mortar)

Motorboat (Transport Familiarity)

Motorcycle (Transport Familiarity) [DEX]

Motorized Seacraft (Group of Transport Familiarities; see Common Motorized Seacraft)

[Musical Instrument] (Professional Skill) [DEX or CON]

Musical Notation (Literacy)

Musket (Weapon Familiarity)

Mythology, aka Myths and Legends (Knowledge)


Nanotechnology, aka Molecular Engineering (Science)

Natural Philosophy (Knowledge)

Naval Architecture/Engineering (Science)

Neuroelectronics (Science)

Neurology (Science)

Neurophysics (Science)

Neurosurgery (Science)

Ninja Weapons

Non-Weapon Weapon (Weapon Familiarity; use Impromptu Weapon)

Nuclear Engineering (Profession)

Nuclear Physics (Science)

Nunchaku (Weapon Familiarity)

Nurse, aka Orderly (Profession)

All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 27 January 2007)