HERO System (5th ed.)
Franklin's List of Background Skills ("A" through "B")
All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 27 January 2007)


Accounting (Profession)

Adjutant (Profession; see Aide/Adjutant)

Aerobatics (see below)

Aeronautical Engineering (Science)

Aerospace Vehicles (Group of Transport Familiarities; see Common Aerospace Vehicles)

Agriculture (see below)

Agronomy (Science)

AI Systems (Science; see Artificial Intelligence)

Aide/Adjutant, aka Yeoman (Profession)

Air Vehicles (Group of Transport Familiarities; see Common Air Vehicles)

Airship (Transport Familiarity)

Alchemy (Knowledge or Science; see below)

Alien/Aliens (see below)

[Alien] Biology (Science; look under Biology)

[Alien] Medicine (Science; look under Medicine)

[Alien] Psychology (Science; see Xenopsychology)

[Alien] Technology (Science; see Xenotechnology)

Analyze Style (see elsewhere)

Anatomy/Physiology (Science)

Animals (see below)

Anthropology (Science; see Archeology/Anthropology)

Anti-Spacecraft Missile (Weapon Familiarity)

Antigrav (Transport Familiarity)

Apothecary (Knowledge)

Appraisal (Professional Skill)

Arcane and Occult Lore (Knowledge)

Archaic Cannon (Weapon Familiarity)

Archaic Firearms (Group of Weapon Familiarities)

Archaic Pistol (Weapon Familiarity)

Archeology/Anthropology (Science)

Architect (Profession)

Architecture (Science; see Civil Engineering)

Arctic Terrain (Area Knowledge)

Armorer, aka Armory (see below)

Armourer (Profession)

Artificial Intelligence, aka AI Systems (Science)

Artillery (Weapon Familiarity; see Cannon/Howitzer)

Asian Medicine (Knowledge; see Yin-Yang Medicine)

Astrogation (Profession)

[Astrography] (Area Knowledge)

Astrology (Knowledge or Science; see below)

Astronaut, aka Cosmonaut (Profession)

Astronautical Engineering (Science)

Astronomy, aka Astronomy/Astrophysics (Science)

Astrophysics (see below)

Athletics as Transport Familiarity? (see below)

Audio/Video Editing (Professional Skill)

Author (Profession; see Writing)

Automobile (Transport Familiarity; see Car)

Axe/Mace/Pick (Weapon Familiarity)


Bacteriology (Science)

Baker (Profession; see Cooking)

Ballistic/Orbital Missile (Weapon Familiarity)

Balloon (Transport Familiarity)

Bar Hopping (Professional Skill; use Carousing)

Barber (Profession)

Barnstorming (see Aerobatics)

Bartender (Profession)

Basketball (Profession)

Baton (Weapon Familiarity; see Club)

Battleaxe (Weapon Familiarity; see Axe/Mace/Pick)

Battlesuit, aka Powered Armor (see below)

Bazooka (Weapon Familiarity; see Missile Launcher)

Beasts of Burden (see Animals)

Bestiary (Knowledge)

Bicycle (Transport Familiarity) [DEX or CON]

Biochemistry (Science)

Biology (Science)

[Alien] Biology (Science)

    This Science grants an overall general understanding and familiarity with the processes, forms, and inter-relationships of the lifeforms native to a particular world; e.g.: Terran Biology, Europan Biology, Klingon Biology, Vorlon Biology, etc. (as opposed to the truly general overview granted by Xenobiology). This Science may be used as a Complementary Skill in the appropriate circumstances.

Biophysics (Science)


Black-Powder Weapons (Group of Weapon Familiarities; see Archaic Firearms)

Blackjack (see below)

Blackjack/21 (Knowledge)

Blacksmith (Profession)

Blade (Weapon Familiarity; see Sword/Knife)

Blademaster (Profession; see Sensei)

Blaster (see Energy Weapons)

Blimp (Transport Familiarity; see Airship)

Blowgun (Weapon Familiarity)

Bo Staff (Weapon Familiarity; see Staff)

Bodyguard (Profession)

Bonecarving (Profession; see Carving)

Bookbinding (Professional Skill)

Botany (Science)

Bow (Weapon Familiarity)

Bowyer/Fletcher (Profession)

Brain Surgeon (Science; see Neurosurgery)

Brawling (see below)

Brewing/Winemaking (Profession)

Bus/Heavy Truck (Transport Familiarity)

Business Administration/Management (Knowledge)

Business/Contract Law (Knowledge)

Butcher (Profession)

Butler, aka Valet (Profession)

All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 27 January 2007)