HERO System (5th ed.)
Franklin's List of Background Skills ("S" through "T")
All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 16 October 2006)


Sai (Weapon Familiarity)

Sailboat (Transport Familiarity)

Sailor, aka Seamanship, aka Shiphandling (Profession)

Sap/Blackjack (Weapon Familiarity)

Savoir-Faire (Culture Knowledge; see the appropriate Sub-Culture)

Scrimshaw (Profession; see Carving)

Scuba Diving (Professional Skill)

Seamanship (Profession; see Sailor)

Seamstress (Profession; see Tailor)

Security Guard (Profession; see Police)

Seismology, aka Geophysics (Science)

Semaphore (Literacy)

Sensei (Profession)

Sewing (Profession; see Tailor)

Shiphandling (Profession; see Sailor)

Shipwright (Profession)

Shotgun (Weapon Familiarity)

Shuriken (Weapon Familiarity; see Thrown Knife/Axe/Dart)

Siege Weapons (Weapon Familiarity)

Signalling (see below)

Singing (Profession) [CML or CON]

Skating (Professional Skill) [DEX]

Skiing (Professional Skill) [DEX]

Sled Team (Transport Familiarity; see Teamster/Charioteering)

Sleuth (Profession; see Detective)

Sling (Weapon Familiarity)

Small Arms (Group of Weapon Familiarities; see Common Small Arms)

Smallcraft (Transport Familiarity)

SMG/LMG (Weapon Familiarity)

Snowshoes (see Arctic Terrain)

Soccer/Rugby (Profession)

Sociology (Science or Knowledge)

Soldier, aka Soldier/Mercenary (Profession)

Space Missiles

Space Vehicles (Group of Transport Familiarities; see Common Space Vehicles)

Spacer (Profession)

Spaceship Architecture/Engineering (Science; see Astronautical Engineering)

Spear (see below)

[Sport] (Profession) [varies]

Staff (Weapon Familiarity)

Staff Sling (Weapon Familiarity; see Sling)

Starship Architecture/Engineering

Steam Engines/Turbines (Profession)

Storytelling (Professional Skill) [PRE]

Style Analysis (see elsewhere)

[Sub-Culture] (Culture Knowledge; look under Culture)

Subatomic Physics (see below)

Submarine (Transport Familiarity)

Surface Vehicles (Group of Transport Familiarities; see Common Surface Vehicles)

Surgeon (Profession)

Surveying (Profession)

Sword/Knife (Weapon Familiarity)

Swordmaster (Profession; see Sensei)

Systems Analysis (see elsewhere)

[Systems Familiarity], aka [Systems Technician] (Professional Skill)


Tailor/Seamstress (Profession) [DEX]

Tank Gun (Weapon Familiarity; see Cannon/Howitzer)

Taser/Stungun (Weapon Familiarity)

Tax Codes (Knowledge)

Teacher (Profession; see Instructor)

Teamster/Charioteering (Transport Familiarity)

Technician (Profession; see Systems Familiarity)

Teleportation Engineering (Profession; see Transdimensional Engineering)

Teleportation Magics (Science; see Transdimensional Magics)

Teleportation Physics (see Transdimensional Physics)

Teller (Profession; see Cashier)

Temporal Engineering (Profession; see Transdimensional Engineering)

Temporal Magics (Science; see Transdimensional Magics)

Temporal Navigation (Profession; see Transdimensional Navigation)

Temporal Physics (Science; see Transdimensional Physics)

[Terrain Knowledge]

Terrorist World (Culture Knowledge; see Mercenary/Terrorist Sub-Culture)

Thaumatology (Science; see Magical Theory)

Thaumaturgical Engineering (Science)

Theology (Knowledge; see Philosophy/Theology)

Theoretical Physics (Science)

Three-Section Staff (Weapon Familiarity)

Thrown Knife/Axe/Dart (Weapon Familiarity)

Thrown Rock/Ball/Grenade (Weapon Familiarity)

Thrown Spear (Weapon Familiarity; see Javelin/Thrown Spear)

Tonfa (Weapon Familiarity)

Tracked (Transport Familiarity)

Traffic Law (Knowledge)

Train (Transport Familiarity)

Transdimensional Engineering (Profession)

Transdimensional Magics (Science)

Transdimensional Navigation (Profession)

Transdimensional Physics (Science)

[Trivia] (Knowledge)

Typing (Professional Skill) [DEX]

All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved. (Last updated: 16 October 2006)