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Being somewhat obsessive-compulsive, I can't seem to resist the temptation to "tweak" the rules of any role-playing game (RPG) that I like. In this document, I'll be listing the "house rules" I use whenever I run a campaign using GDW's Traveller: The New Era (TNE).

Character Generation

The first major "area" covered by my house rules would be character generation. Here is an overview that summarizes how my players are to create their characters. I've modified the homeworld tables (even going so far as to write a table that gives specific homeworlds for characters in a RCES campaign). I've also modified the default skills given by the character's homeworld.

Of course, non-human characters require special rules. To this end, I've written specific house rules for Vargr and Droyne, so far, and I anticipate writing up additional races whenever I get the time.

I've modified the careers; I've changed some of the skills for many of the standard careers, and I've added a few new careers.

I've made some modifications to the aging process, and I've come up with an alternate way for characters to improve their attributes.


I've come up with several new (and/or modified) skills and cascades, and I've revised the skill clusters.

I'm trying to find an effective way to convert the character skill sheets I've written (in Word) that preserves the column arrangement. I will (eventually) post one with the skills arranged alphabetically and another with the skills arranged by attribute.


With regards to personal combat, I've come up with several new maneuvers which I've included into the master list of combat maneuvers.

I'm still trying to write a Java program for Brilliant Lances. I've written some design notes for this project of mine.

Adventure Scenarios

I wrote a scenario for Brilliant Lances called Rescue Ru(i)n. I'm hoping to run my scenario at Dragon*Con one of these days.

I was working on an alternate setting for TNE, where the players will be TEDs in charge of their own nations on the balkanized world of Tama (2134/So Skire/Old Expanses) in the Wilds.


I didn't like the way TNE handles the reviving of low berth passangers, so I "fine-tuned" them.

GURPS Traveller

I'm collecting GURPS Traveller books for use as supplemental source material. I've posted a list of the books that I've got.

I've also posted my version of the template(s) I'd use for Imperial Marine characters.