A Bride for Merlin
Campaign Notes
This document covers the campaign notes for the Amber DRPG campaign A Bride for Merlin, run in Atlanta, GA, by Franklin W. Cain.

Dramatis Personae

The Player Characters

(Active Players and PCs)

  • Audrey-Manette of House Sawall (played by Amy Franz)
  • Fendrith (played by Tom Damon)
  • His Grace, Flark, Duke Jesby (played by Tom deMayo)
  • Lord Lorgath Chanicut (played by Judd Goswick)
  • Her Highness, Seonaid, Princess of the Royal House of Merlin (played by Daric Jackson)
  • His Lordship, Shandor Vrell-Sawall (played by Jäger Hein)

(Inactive Players and PCs)

  • Bren (dead PC; played by Kevin Martin)
  • Lord Ghislain Vrell of House Helgram (dead PC; played by Patrick Bohnet)
  • Gracian de Salamanca, aka Special Agent Alex Aziz of the FBI, from Shadow Earth (inactive PC; played by Todd Michaels)

I've also got some quick-and-dirty PCs for one-shot use.

The Non-Player Characters

Since I have so many NPCs, I've listed them elsewhere.


Supplemental Background Info

Campaign Logs

Q:    What do you call a Campaign Log that hasn't been typed yet?
A:   A Back-Log! :-P~~

Anno Domini 1999

  • Session I   (23 July 1999)
  • Session II   (1999)  [BACK-LOG]
  • Session III   (1999)  [BACK-LOG]
  • Session IV   (October 1999)  [BACK-LOG]
  • Session V   (1999)
  • Session VI   (12 November 1999)
  • Session VII   (3 December 1999)  [BACK-LOG]

Anno Domini 2000

Anno Domini 2001

Anno Domini 2002

  • Session XLV   (4 January 2002)  [NO LOG]
  • Session XLVI   (18 January 2002)  [NO LOG]
    • (No Diary Entries, either, I'm sorry to say...)
  • Session XLVII   (1 February 2002)  [NO LOG]

I regret that we do not have a separate document of quotes. However, you may find a quote or two scattered about in one or more of the Campaign Logs.